Boost Your eCommerce Business by Integrating ERP with Your Online Store

Modern online retailers spend a huge amount of time in performing repetitive tasks. Integration of ERP with eCommerce store provides retailers with a solution to automate and optimize all these tasks that in turn save their time and money. But many eCommerce business owners use their ERP systems and retailing platform separately, hence face various challenges such as-
  • Manual data entry from store to ERP.
  • Disparity among ERP inventory data and store data.
  • Need for more resources for managing orders that lead to increasing operational cost.
  • Data errors that eventually turn into unsatisfied customers.
If you are an online seller who is dealing with the above mention challenges, then you can overcome these challenges easily by integrating your eCommerce store with your ERP system and provide your business with the below benefits.

1. No manual data entry and errors – You get rid of the repetative task of re-entering the same data to another system manually. Integration automates the process, thus various issues such as data duplication and errors with be eliminated and you achieve accurate calculations.

2. Simplify and automates inventory update – Your inventory gets updated automatically in real-time whenever orders are placed. Also, buyers see the available inventory during buying process that certainly provides them with the better shopping experience.

3. Increased Productivity and cost saving – ERP and eCommerce store integration streamlines and automates your various business processes which eliminate the need of humans in monitoring orders, feeding them to ERP and updating them to web store. Eventually, it enables your resources to give more time to the task they are best in.

4. Deliver better user-experience to your buyers – Your buyers gets information related available inventory, product details, and order tracking details on your eCommerce site. It provides them with quality user experience and satisfaction.

5. More ROI – With the integrated system, you can reduce order cycle span, eliminate the need of human in data updating process and provide customers with real-time product information. All these advantages, save your time, money and provide your buyers with a quality shopping experience which result into growth in revenue.

If you have an online store built on Magento Platform or any other platform, we can help you to integrate it seamlessly with Sage ERP at cost-effective pricing. We offer cutting-edge eCommercedevelopment services to clients across the world. Our team of certified Magento eCommerce developers is highly proficient in building all types of online stores along with ERP and eCommerce platform integration. Whether you need to develop a brand new Magento Store or enhance the capabilities of your existing eCommerce website, we can flawlessly integrate ERP with your system. Contact us right away!


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