5 Best Ways to Improve Your Business Website Instantly

Do you have a business website? Are you willing to get more customers and increase conversion? You get just a few seconds to capture visitors attention. If your website is unorganized and doesn't clearly demonstrate what your customers want to see, it will certainly bring nothing but a disappointment.

Here we have outlined 5 best ways to you improve your website and make it efficient to provide you with the more customers.

1. Mission Statement and Navigation

Mission statement conveys about your business purpose. It tells what do you do and why do you do it. It helps your visitors acknowledge what exactly they will get if they purchase your products or hire your services. A compelling mission statement certainly helps you draw customers attention and win their trust. Therefore, make sure to put this statement either your homepage, about us page or blog page where it will be easily seen by online buyers.

Navigation is the most vital part of a successful web design. It simplifies the journey of visitors on your site and provides them with the easiest path to finding what they are looking for. Furthermore, it helps you offer quality user-experience and improve search engine rank.

When you decide to design navigation, think human first and search engine second. Instead of using generic text, use words which are used or searched by your buyers. Ensure to keep fewer clicks.

2. CTA (Call-to-Action) Text and Color

CTAs play a vital role in inspiring your visitors to take your expected action. The words you mentioned on your CTAs make the real impact. They should start from the verb. e.g. Add to wishlist, Download my guide, Make a payment, Add to Basket etc.

It's important that your call to action button is easily visible or has a unique appeal. Therefore, use contrast colors for them. For example, if your site's theme color is blue, show your CTAs in light green or orange color like Panaceatek.com.

3. Team and Testimonial Pages

Until you achieve customers' trust, they will hesitate to purchase from your online store. Customers want to know with whom they are dealing with before buying your products or hiring your services. Team pages help you introduce yourself to your customers and convince them that they are doing business with a reliable source.

Visitors never want to see the pages that depict accolades you got from your clients. Testimonial pages are rarely visited by customers. Therefore, it doesn't make any sense to create a separate testimonial page for your site. It is acceptable that if your client has said something great about you, you should be seen. In this regards, the best way to show testimonial is to scatter them across your website. Either, place them somewhere near your portfolio or find a way to place them in your service pages.

4. Make your site mobile-friendly

Google has made it clear that it will give priority to mobile-friendly pages in its search result after updating its mobile ranking algorithm on 21st April 2015. Therefore, mobile friendly pages have started raking higher than nonmobile-friendly pages. Google want to provide visitors with quality user-experience when they land on your website. Making your site mobile-friendly not only help you to keep your site in harmony with the google's norm but also catch mobile customers and gain an edge over competitors.

5. On-page SEO and Internal Linking

SEO is one of the vital aspects of digital marketing services. On-page SEO plays a key role in making your site Google-friendly and help you attain top position is search engine result pages. It provides your website with proper URL structure, meta tags, heading tags and keywords. Furthermore, it helps you optimize your landing pages for searching the search engines and visitors that ultimately make it easy-to-find for your customers.

In order to engage your visitors, it is important to keep them moving once they land on your website. Internal linking helps you to curb your customers from hitting the dead end of your site. Also, it provides them with the easiest path to reach the information they are looking for. In this regards, provides links to your services pages from your home page. You can also add CTA with a link to your contact form in your service pages.