Top 5 Mobile App Design Trends to Follow in 2016

Considering the growing popularity of mobile shopping, mobile app development has become a vital necessity for every small to large business to serve mobile buyers.

If you are planning to build a mobile app for your business, then certainly you have taken the right decision. But, if you are unfamiliar with the latest mobile app design trends, then you may end up with building nothing but trash!

Design plays a crucial role when it comes to user engagement. Outdated design offers poor user-experience and fails to cater the requirements of users. By knowing the on-going app design trend, you can build a mobile app that delivers what your customers expect and helps you reach the height of success. Here we have outlined top 5 mobile app design trends that you can share with your mobile app development partner and build a winning mobile app in the year 2016.

1. Keep Big Screen in Mind

No matter what you call them, heavy or great, smartphones with the big screen size are definitely going to stay here. Most of the mobile users like to consume visual element than text. This is the reason they prefer to buy big screen smartphones. Considering consumers' inclination towards larger screens, many brands including Apple are launching larger mobile phones.

Larger screens have changed the way we hold smartphones; therefore mobile app developers should possess different approach for UI &UX design.

2. Simple and Easy to handle User-Interface

Convenience has become a key aspect to that keep your users engage with your app. The days of skeuomorphic design have already gone. Today is the trend of flat design that focuses more on simplicity, clarity, and functionality. Present designers prefer to embrace “keep it minimum” approach while designing the UI. Keeping space between every vital element helps you to draw users attention to every part.

3. Personalized UX

Personalization tailor the user experience the moment it begins. It enables users to start using an app the moment they access it. It provides users with the relevant content without asking them what they want. In this regards, you can take the example of Medium. The app shows you relevant results automatically to what you have read in the past.

Personalized UX let the users use app according to their convenience. They can alter the preferences to get what they want to see and do.

4. Design for Wearables

Wearables such as Apple Watch and smart glasses have revolutionalized the whole concept of mobile. According to the Gartner, the wearable sales will grow 18.4% in the year 2016. The emergence of wearable mobile technology not only reduced the screen size but also provides users with the option to utilize mobility on a unique platform. Therefore, In the current year, designers have to consider wearable also while designing the app. They have to limit text and navigation.

5. Typography

Usually, many designers forget typography while focusing on the core aspect of app design including color, navigation, and other aesthetics. In the year 2016, it becomes necessary for designers to give significance to typography especially font and text size.

As fonts define the hierarchy among content types, designers must choose the typeface fits for all devices and screen sizes.

The design is the first element that triggers users. It helps your app to reach its objective. The above-mentioned mobile app design trends will surely assist you with your mobile app developmentfor producing a successful app in 2016.

If you are planning to build a mobile app for your business, then feel free to contact us. We help you to design it according to the latest trends in minimum investment. Our expert app developers are ready to solve your query and provide yours with the solution that exceeds your expectations.


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