5 Most Important Factors for Improving Your Website's Usability

The usability of your website matters the most when it comes to engaging your customers. It involves the presentation of information in clear and concise manner. A responsive, fresh and user-friendly website not only increase the time visitors spend on your site but also provide you with benefits such as lead generation and great visibility in search engines.

In this article, you will discover five essential factors that we have observed in highly successful sites with high usability.

1. Place important information where your end-users spend majority of their time

Whenever your visitors land on your website, they look at the top (part above the page fold) and the left portion. This is where they spend the majority of their time. You must capitalize on this by using this part for showing your most vital content. Here you can show your primary services, landing pages or main points regarding your business.

You can get the best result by using well-planned navigations, compelling headlines, and CTA buttons. If the majority of your customers visit your site for a particular service, then you can place a link in this portion that can take your consumers directly to that service.

Most of the professional web design and development service providers create and organized their clients' websites in this manner.

2. Leave some empty white spaces

Which kind of website would you like to hold on? A site stuffed with full of content where there is a no room for looking anywhere or a website that has sufficient white spaces that make you feel comfortable while exploring the site. Undoubtedly, anyone will prefer the second option. No matter how impeccably you craft your website, if it is over informed, it will certainly not help you engage your audience. Therefore, make sure to keep ample white spaces between each element on your site.

3. Use Simple and Concise Text

Your website is not a newspaper that your target visitors would read from top to end. Today, no one wants to read line by line content on web page. People just skim and watch the highlighted points. In this regards, try to write content which is easy to comprehend and follow. Show the most important aspects of your services with bullet points so your visitors will catch them effortlessly.

4. Make your CTA (call-to-action) attractive

Call-to-action plays a key role in inspiring your visitors to take action. Many websites have poorly designed CTA buttons which no one wants to click. The success of CTA buttons depends more on the color scheme and design that the language used. Therefore, ensure to use the colors for your CTAs that are eye-pleasing and suitable to the feel of your website.

5. Page Load Time

Many websites lose their visitors due to slow page load time. The ideal page load time is 2 to 3 seconds. If your site unable to load within three seconds, then it's high time to improve its loading speed. In this regards, you can use Google's Tool to check the loading speed of your site.

Optimizing the usability of any website is not an easy task. You need to take into account many things and put lots of efforts to accomplish this mission. An experienced web design firm such as Panacea Infotech can help you boost the usability of your site and drive more customers to your business.