4 Best Strategies for Boosting Magento Conversion Rate

Every Business Owner launch an E-Commerce Store with an aim to increase revenue and which can only be achieved by improving conversion rate.
No doubt, it's a tough task but all you need to do is to optimize you Magento store by hiring a certified Magento expert who will implement some proven startegies that will help merchants in boosting their conversion & revenue. As Magento turn out to be the best among all the platforms, therfore optimizing it by source code & collabaration will help merchnats to beat their business counterpart and can do wonders in E-commerce industry.


So, don't miss out making notes of these 4 strategies which can boost your Magento Conversion Rate.

Reform Checkout Process
The first step is to rationalize your checkout process as many user doesn't want to spend high time when it comes to checkout process. Hence, an extension named Magento one step checkout which support over 40 payment method allowing the user to Sign-Up, Login or guest checkout should be implemented.

After You download this extension, you need to perform the following step:

One Step Checkout Settings -> System -> Configuration -> One Step Checkout Tab

After following these steps you will be redirected to Checkout Management Page, where you can setup the checkout process according to your choice.

Break Down Conversion Funnel
According to the survey, conversion rate increase by 30% if you add two parts “web to cart” and “ cart to sale” option in your conversion funnel. Track and analyze the traffic for both the landing pages so as to maximize the conversion rate.

Clear View of Shipping Cost
If Shipping Cost is not free, clearly mention at the early stage. Hiding Shipping Cost can lower your conversion rate.

According to the survey around 70% of people bounce out of the website just because of shipping charges. Further, delivery time should be clearly mentioned rather then expected time range of delivery.

Website Loading Speed

Make sure Your website should load with 2 seconds – According to Google Guidlines. Below are the listed ways to improve Magento Website Speed

1. Latest Version of Magento -> Improved Hosting Performance -> Amazing Loading Speed

2. Enable Full Page Cache – Use Varnish Cache which can boost up yout Magento Website

3. Quality Image are higly attarctive but compress it before putting it on the website.


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