Why Retailers Need to Have the Right Mobile Presence?

Shoppers have got the wings in the form of smartphones for shopping anything at their fingertips without any limitation of time and location. They can do everything from searching information to visiting various online shopping portals and comparing products to making a purchase on their handheld devices.

Today, consumers are rapidly shifting from e-commerce to m-commerce. No wonder, retailers are targeting mobile consumers through their online retailing strategy otherwise, they will get into the trouble. Mobile presence is not only about building a mobile application, it is also about making your e-commerce website mobile friendly. In fact, when it comes to targeting mobile consumers, mobile websites are given more preference over mobile apps for various reasons. Let's see them below.

Organic Search

The first and foremost reason why a mobile website should be given preference is its ability to found in organic search. Most of the consumers go for google search engine to find services or products. They can find your mobile website easily from google search, blog, Facebook or just entering it's URL in the search engine. In contrast, consumers need to take some efforts to find your mobile app. Furthermore, the also have to download it in their devices to know about your business.

Cost Saving

If you are looking for mobile presence in less investment, then mobile website works as a cost saving option. It's simply an optimized version of your existing e-commerce website. Whereas, if you build a mobile app, then you need to build an entirely new application which make you invest more money in comparison with making your site mobile friendly.

Social Sharing

Having mobile presence means constant connectivity with your customers. Today, people use smartphones more than desktop or laptop to find information. Even they check their emails and access social accounts on their mobiles. In this regards, if your customers find your website's link in any email or social platform and click on it, they will not find any issue with viewing your content in case your site is mobile friendly. Ultimately, it will help you in driving customers from social media.

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