10 Fascinating Tips for Responsive Web Design

Over the past few years responsive web design has become excessively important as there are number of people who loves to access the internet via various portable devices such as iPhone, iPad, Mobile, Desktop, and Laptop.

Responsive Websites

Responsive web design is a type of web design which makes a website versatile, flexible and compatible with all the digital gadgets. Content as well as layout of a website is designed according to mobile devices. As mobile searches are increasing day by day, many web development company started designing a responsive website which not only helps in establishing better UI/UX but also boost up search engine rankings. Below listed 10 fascinating tips which will help web designers to create a best responsive website.

1. Take Advantage of Pre-designed templates
The best strategy for designing a responsive website is to take advantage of templates as it helps the designer to learn various skills and strategies. Using pre-designed templates, the designer can save plenty of time which they used to spend writing HTML codes from basic.

2. Use Jquery
Jquery turns out to be the best tool to design a responsive website. This technology comes up with various plugins such as quickfit, doubletake which helps the web designer to create an amazing responsive website.

3. Take care of Screen Size & Orientation
Every web designer should write a source code according to screen size,resolution and more important is orientation.

4. Scalable Images
The most important element for a responsive website is scalable images. Make sure images can be stretched so that they fit both viewport and text area.

5. Load Speed
Every web designer should take care of loading speed while they are creating a website as it can affect both responsive nature and SEO. Therefore, they should stay optimize the images and stay away from heavy images.

6. Short & Crispt Content for Mobile Devices
As visitors are more active on Mobile as compared to Desktop so, while you are writing or crafting a content you need to make sure that the content is not too long but should have all the necessary information.

7. Stay away from Spaces
Need to make sure of padding and margins, Text and images must be placed properly taking care of spaces and should use big button size which can be fruitful for grabbing inquiries and sales.

8. Readable Content
The most important tip is to make sure that your visitors doesn't take the help of zoom-in & zoom-out option for reading a content as it could leading to a bad user experience which leads to more bounce rate.

9. Get Rid of Waste Element
Put only those element which is necessary like button, images, content and CTA buttons and eliminate the rest of them

10. Simple Design

Design a website which is simple in nature. In other words choose a template which is simple, responsive and optimized as google algorithm takes into consideration mobile friendly website while deciding search engine ranking.


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