From Scratch to Sale – How to Build Up an E-commerce Store and Generate Revenue.

E-commerce Store has become a trump card for earning money online. As we are living in a digital world, every business owner wants to build their online presence and earn big amount of money.

Hence, through this post, you will come to know various effective strategies for developing an E-commerce website from scratch to revenue.

Building an E-commerce Store

Let's start

Which product You will Sell

It's of no use to open an E-commerce store if you don't know what to sell. So the first step is to do market research and decide your product.

You can follow two strategies

1. Create something unique which hits your mind.

2. Use a product which already exist and re-design it accordingly.

The main point is to sell something which is relevant to your niche so that you can connect with the market easily.  

Product Sourcing

You need to showcase your products right? Therefore the best way to source a product is to browse
on where you can find plenty of suppliers for varieties of product.

Building Up Your Store

An important step where you will build up an online store and will showcase all your products. You can follow two ways – Either registered yourself as a seller on Amazon and start adding your product or build a new store on Shopify or any other platform.  

Drive Customers to Your Store

After setting up your store the main concern is to drive traffic to your website. So the foremost step is to search for target audience.

Next search for a digital marketing agency who will promote your website on search engines and social media platforms.

Run Paid Ads on Facebook and Google and watch the worth coming out of it. 


Market those people who have visited your website but bounce out with purchasing any of the product. According to the survey, re-marketing leads to 70% more conversion.


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