What Measures can be implemented to diminish Website Bounce Rate?

Are you striving to drive traffic to your  website? Not Getting leads for your business? It's probable that your bounce rate is high. It means the visitors who jump on to your landing page bounce out without giving you the chance to convert them into a buyer.

Website Bounce Rate

What is a Bounce Rate?

When a visitor visits your website and leaves without interacting, that's called a bounce. A high bounce rate is a manifestation that something is awry in your landing pages which lead to an increase in bounce rate. According to google, your website ranking is also determined by identifying bounce rate. 

If you are into online business and coming across bounce rate issues, then you should not take the risk of loosing your business. Watch out 7 effective SEO friendly measures that will help you out in diminishing your website bounce rate.

Optimize Webpage Load Speed

It can be a worst situation if a customer is not able to read the content of your website due to its everlasting page load speed. According to Google, ideal loading speed of a webpage must be less than 7 seconds. Let's watch out how webpages must be designed in order to increase loading speed.

  • Stay away from Flash.
  • All the scripts must be placed in one place.
  • Use of Excess images can be harmful.
  • CSS File Size must be less than 500 Kb.

Create Your Content Comprehensible

Make your content coherent. Block of texts will lead to a decrease in the engagement of reader. The title should be big and bold. Elaborate your content with bullets points. Don't keep long paragraphs, keep on including images to engage the reader, take care of spaces. Formatting of text and fonts must be done in an effective way so that readers engagement increases.

Avert Pop-Ups – Clear UX

Many Visitors found Pop-Ups to be aggravating. Most of the users have shared their experience that  if a pop-up appears while reading, they may decide to leave. So in order to convert a visitor to a buyer, you must limit the usage of pop-up and irrelevant ads while designing a website.

Constitute a Fascinating Call To Action Button

Don't loose your customers with a feeble CTA. Don't make your visitors confuse by including dozens of CTA buttons on a single page. Go for A/B testing before placing CTA buttons and do the complete analysis of colors. Design Your CTA button in an effective way so that it should enforce the user to click it. 

Intelligent Internal Links Arrangement

Including plenty of internal links into your page can diminish your bounce rate but it can make your content trashy which will affect User Experience. Put relevant internal links into your content. Don't go for link stuffing in your article or blog post. 

Uncomplicated Navigation 

if you able to attract the visitor with your content and images then don't loose them with a poor navigation menu. You must provide a clear path to your visitor within your website, means where they are located. Using proper breadcrumbs is one of the best strategies to decrease bounce rate. 

Develop a Searchable Website

Let's think from the user point of view that if they type your website name in search bar and get the output as “Page Not Found” then it would be frosting for the user, which makes a huge contribution to an increase in bounce rate. So make sure that your website is developed with a proper functionality and  should be SEO friendly. 

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