Does AMP Plays an important role in Speeding up your website.

The website has become one of the credibility for your business. if you are running a business without a website then you are losing your business. Moreover, it has become important that you develop your website with a high loading speed in order to grab more and more customers.
According to the survey, Mobile searches will overcome web searches in coming years as people love to prefer the convenient way of grabbing information from any of the workplaces so it has become essential for businessmen to build a mobile website with an excellent loading speed. Keeping this in mind google has introduced the new format for mobile pages named Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP) which makes website loads faster. AMP is all about mobile experience and to make a better UX. 

Let’s see deeply. what is AMP?
AMP is nothing other than a new kind of HTML which load the same in web or mobile browser as HTML does, the only difference is all about website loading speed which is just because of advanced technology, functionality and less amount of code.
  • Javascript is not at all required(No alerts, modals and tooltips)
  • CSS File size is less than 50Kb
  • All the script are placed at one place.
AMP can overcome low loading, pre-connecting, pre-fetching and many more. It makes website layout friendly and searchable. The websites with AMP functionality are given separate URL and if your website is developed in wordpress then you have to download a AMP plugin to implement on website pages.
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