Power of Blogging in Promoting and Ranking your Business.

Blogging – A base building technique for SEO. Are you blogging for promoting your business? If no, then you are not taking your business seriously. It's been said that “Content is a King” which has become true now. SEO and content are quite related to each other, if your website has a quality content then only you could rank high, otherwise you will become a blackhole from google point of view. From SEO Engineers prespective blogging helps you to rank high for long tail keywords. Moreover if your website contains blog post, then more traffic drive to your website as compared to a website with no blogs.

Its one of the best SEO friendly blogging platform. It's easy, quick and free to use. A platform which google index very fast. So if you have recently blogged in wordpress then its sure that you will able to see your blog being index so quick. Using this platform you can create a customized url based on the keywords.

Quality Blog Content

Search engines looks for a quality content. You could find many of the websites got penalized by google, the main reason was duplicate content. Your blog content should be engaging and attractive which will lead to decrease in bounce rate, which is great from SEO point of view.

Benefits of Blogging

  • Helps in boosting your business ranking on Google Search.
  • More Traffic drove through various social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin.
  • Customized URL based on the keyword, which will help in ranking high on google search.
  • Fresh content is what spiders and crawlers are looking for, if you are frequently updating fresh content on your website, then google will surely crawl and index in a quick succession
  • Guest Blogging, Blog Commenting also plays an important role in driving traffic to your business

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